Frac Operations

Frac Operations – we provide Separation Packages and highly trained personnel to provide ‘frac support’. Fracturing involves pumping nitrogen, water and / or sand - at high pressures and volumes - into a wellbore using specialized tools downhole designed to ‘fracture’ or break up the rock (reservoir) that contains the oil and / gas. This decreases the well’ resistance to flow (increasing the porosity of the rock) and increases its volume of production – essentially creating paths of least resistance for the reservior. As the well is being fractured, the Separation Package is used to flow back wells that have ‘screened out’ due to the limitations of the well to accept more sand / fluid. This allows the well to not become plugged and / or coiled tubing or jointed pipe to become stuck in the hole during fracturing or drilling out. The Separation Package is also used to equalize pressures or release pressures as operations are occurring, such as breaking connections on wellhead lubricators, to contain any pressure that may be harmful to workers or equipment, as well as to prohibit the release of uncontrolled pressure or to emit gasses or chemicals to the environment. This is often done by flowing back to tanks or burning gasses through a flare stack or incinerator.